My philosophy is simple. I aim to produce music that sounds the way the artist intends it to sound. It is my job to help achieve that goal. I'll give you that breathing room to get what it is you are looking for; and when asked, I'll point you in a direction and let you know what I hear. Many times, there are no right or wrong answers in music production; only opinions. That is why I feel it is important to work towards a "feel" the artist wants first.

I also believe in letting the musicians record in a way they are comfortable. Certain recording methods make life a lot easier on the engineer and cause less "technical"problems, but I always want the artist to perform in a way that they feel at ease. If that comfort means recording in a certain space or working live, then that's the way it needs to be done. The first goal is always to capture the best performance. It's my job to make you sound good, NOT to force you to track songs in a certain way.

I've had 3 decades of recording experience and have sent music all over the world. I understand how music is created, produced, and what it takes to make music that moves a listening audience. When you work with me, we check our egos at the door. Music is art and art is subjective. I just want to help you to make the best recording you possibly can. If you feel that working with me would help you achieve that goal, I'd be honored to be a part of your next project.

Scott B Adams