The Finger Lakes Wine Album CD
  • The Finger Lakes Wine Album CD
  • The Finger Lakes Wine Album CD
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Scott B Adams Acoustic Ensemble

(c) 2013 Orchard Beat Records (p) OPR Publishing

12 Page Booklet included!

On this CD, you’ll find twelve acoustic instrumental tunes; each selection inspired by a featured Finger Lakes wine and meant to reflect the personality of the selected wine. The music is “organic” in nature; real instruments-acoustic guitars, violin, hand percussion and more. Nothing artificial. Just like the fine wines of the Finger Lakes. The goal of this album is to create music that enhances one’s wine tasting experience. It doesn’t really matter if you enjoy at dinner, throw a party, or just relax at home. Sit down in your favorite chair. Open a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy this music created for just these kinds of occasions. The wine tunes progress from Whites to Reds, roughly but not exactly in the order you’d traditionally taste them. Even if you are drinking a dry white wine while playing a sweet red song, these tunes are guaranteed safe for consumption.

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